Sabtu, 21 Agustus 2010

Making Money With Blog

If you are thinking of creating a blog to make money online, these tips will help you make your blog an interesting and engaging one, which will help you make more money online.

1. Consider your audience Even if your blog is for personal use, think of your readers and what they would want to read. And how you can help them. For example, you could write a post on the top ten ways to do something. This establishes you as an expert in a niche which helps to build rapport which helps increase sales. 2. Use pictures and videos Placing relevant pictures to the post on your blog not only look good but can help educate a reader better on how to do something. Did you know? You can also take any video from You Tube and place it on your blog for free. This drives more traffic and you guessed it, more sales.

3. Use simple words and simple language on your blogs You don't have to make the blog sound like it has been written by an author or English teacher to make it popular. Write like you speak...use simple, small words, short sentences. Avoid technical jargon, this will bore the reader. Write in a way that most people would understand. Take this article as an example. Make your posts useful, helpful and easy to read. And people will enjoy reading them and keep coming back to your blog.

4. Make your Blog interactive Your blog already has a space for comments at the end of each post built in. For extra options, you use plugins. What are plugins? They are widgets or add ons to give your blog extra functions. It is pretty simple to install a plugin. And you can find a plugin for almost any purpose.

To make you blog interactive, a Social Media plugin is good. This type of plugin adds options to the end of a post or to any part of the blog. These options allow your readers to share your post with their followers or contacts on Twitter or Facebook.

They just click the "share" option, select Twitter for example, log into their Twitter account and share the post with their followers. Why is this important? Because your blog is seen by more people which means more sales.

source :J. Pal

Kamis, 19 Agustus 2010

10 Top Smart Web Design Tips

When in the thoughts of producing a website, think hard on the some important key points you must deploy. To give you a few hints and tip I have set out below some useful sources of information that can help you to develop a good looking and profitable website.

1. Time is money, save both by managing and processing work carefully and logically. They say that an impression is made by the viewer in the first four seconds of reviewing a site. Thus it's this time that you have to make a good impact on your reviewer.

To miss this opportunity only leaves you with a large amount of ground to catch up on. So, you have only four seconds to persuade your visitor to continue navigating around your website, otherwise they may well already be thinking of trying the next one.

2. Convenient and simple menues guide your users. When first they enter the site, they examine it and look for the all important navigation aids. Again, these are features that must appear very obvious and in clear sight, users must see everything they need simply classified on the shelves as they would expect to see them.

Once you have grabbed the user's mouse pointer, they will have a desire to click further and drill down.

3. What is the most eye-catching place on a web page? It is a well recognised fact among web presenters that the upper-left corner is the most desirable position and it's where the eye tends to sink to. Why is this so? This is natural as in European countries people usually start reading books or writing articles from this position.

Of course, it will appear different for those that are surfing from and Oriental or Middle Eastern country. Thus your target market has to be well thought out before selecting the information starting position. Thus most Western websites and applications are mainly designed from the up-left corner. Here you can place a logo or slogan, search box or any other piece of information that you feel would benefit from such a position.

4. Other psychological studies say that web information is in fact scanned in an "F" way. What does this mean? The top area is scanned horizontally, and the middle area and lower one is scanned only on the left side- vertically. So again please consider this research when arranging content for your website.

5. Another interesting fact is that of advertising. In the whole users deplore adverts and their eyes will ignore all of them just by association, remember the brain is a very fast processing device and scans the page without you thinking and has already decided very early on what an advert looks like and will ignore if it recognizes a pattern.

So again remember that people are busy and have just small amount of time to devote to finding what they need. So respect their time and be patience but plan the your advertising carefully and not too aggressively!

6. Do you think that images are more alluring than texts? You are possibly wrong, as sometimes word can seize you more attention that any bright graphic. So, if you want to deliver an important message to a person, use a slogan rather than a pretty image!

7. What else can grab users' attention? Slogans, buttons, textual headlines...- they must be simple and bright and well thought out. Dirty childish graphics will turn people off very fast.

8. Text must be formatted in a proper way. Make it simple, understandable with continuity of size, font and colour. Different fonts and sizes of letters, paragraphs, underlined, bold, italics and other means of word expression can help you but must be used sparingly and within the overall look and feel of the site.

9. People faces in graphics will catch the users' attention. You can apply various ideas around this idea. especially if an image's look is directed straight at the reviewer...

10. White spaces are a worthy and not well used device. It can prjavascript:void(0)ovides a web page with the necessary air to breathe as well as giving space between the elements, so use wisely and your page will be worth reading...

Here you have some interesting facts and points you can follow.

About the Author: Travis Olague - Kaweb is a Birmingham web design company. Our company is specialized in ecommerce solutions, iPhone Apps, content management systems and all online applications.